About the Blogger

Hey guys and welcome to the blog.

I’m a Scottish guy who moved to Seattle for his wife’s new job.  Pretty cool, huh?  Only problem is that I can’t work for a few months and need something to fill my time.  Hence, the Kilted Wanderer Blog!!!!  Anyway enough fanfare.

If you’ve come here, it’s either out of pity, love or accident no doubt, but whichever it is, feel free to make yourself at home.

I’ll be focusing on my experiences in my new home, but I’ll also look at the culture, the people and, of course, all those tricky things you need to get to grips with when moving to any new city.

If you want me to focus on anything in particular then don’t hesitate.  Use the contact section to email me, otherwise use the social media tags at the bottom and I’ll see what I can do.  Like, follow, friend, whatever you need to do.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Take it easy…