Pecos Pit

There’s only one disclaimer I can give before you eat at Pecos.  There is no way to eat a Pecos sandwich and look sexy doing it.  I tried.  And failed.

Pecos Pit is a barbecue restaurant with two locations in the Seattle area; West Seattle (my one) and, the original, in Sodo on First Avenue.  It’s a family business which has been going for over 33 years, offering barbecue food to eat in, take out or (oh my God, I’m definitely doing this), buy to take home for a dinner party.  Anyway guys, enjoy the review and, if you’re in the area, get down there and make up your own mind on how good their grub is.

  1. Menu – For me, meat is the menu.  There’s so much choice, from beef brisket to pulled pork to chicken, no matter what meat you’re craving, Pecos can deliver and if you aren’t sure what you want, they’ll let you try before you buy.  They even tell you how long their meats been cooked for.  Whether you want to go for the classic sandwich (BIG), the mini-me sandwich (Big) or just a slider (still pretty big), they’ll stack it full of your meat of choice as well as Pecos’ own BBQ sauce.  For any veggies out there, you’ve also got choice here, albeit not a substantial a menu, but if you fancy a salad, smoked potatoes or even a vegetarian chili, Pecos provides all of these tailored to your wants.  A massive sandwich not enough for you?  Well why not grab a side as well.  Maybe a potato salad, maybe Pecos Pit beans?  It’s your call.  You guys have guessed it.  Pecos grabs the point for menu, with ease.
  2. Atmosphere – Pecos does something I love and only really experienced for the first time a few months ago at a pizza place in London.  As soon as an order comes through and is called, the kitchen shouts it back in unison.  Admittedly, this is a small thing and shows that I may, in fact, just be a child and enjoy loud noises but who cares.  It’s fun.  As well as this, if you’re inside you can watch local sports on a couple of TVs.  It’s not a sports bar setup but that’s probably a good thing.  If you want to have a conversation you can and if you’re on your own you can watch sports.  Happy days.  Easy point.
  3. Texture – for me this is another easy win for Pecos.  You know what happens to meat when it’s been cooked for 17 hours?  It melts in your mouth.  Just falls apart.  It’s not greasy, it’s not dry, it’s exactly how I’d want barbecue food to feel when I’m eating it.  There’s actually not much to say here, other than Pecos is keeping up it’s 100% record so far.
  4. Taste – what can I say?  I’ve tried something different on each of my four trips to Pecos, whether a side a different heat of sauce or different meat.  I’ve never been disappointed.  The meats are all perfectly cooked and oozing with flavour.  The sauce at medium has a kick and at DAMN hot takes your taste-buds for a ride.  I tried the Pit beans the last time I went and just wow!  Everything is packed with flavour.  Sure, it might be messy and might not even look like the best food in the world, but the minute you start eating none of that matters.  Unbelievable Jeff.  Another point.
  5. Cost – “I hear you,” you might be asking, “but how much do they charge?”  Well, let me tell you.  It’s pretty much scaled with the slider at $3, mini-me at $6 and classic at $9.50 (not including surcharges for the brisket).  Sides are all around $3 and you can get a soda starting at $2, but if you want something harder it’s pretty reasonable as well.  For what you’re getting, that’s insane.  So far, and I’ve eaten out quite a bit, it’s one of the best value for money places I’ve been, meaning that Pecos Pit gets a final point and we know what that means.

Now I know that my first two reviews have been positive, but that says a lot about the food scene here.  There’s a lot of good eating to be had.  Obviously that means that going forward there may need to be readjustments, if standards can get higher, or maybe the introduction of a different system.  However, for now, just be happy that Pecos Pit exists.  If you’re in the area, head down and check it out.  You won’t leave disappointed.  Pecos, you’ve made me a very happy man and you deserve every one of those 5/5 points you scored.


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