Blue Moon Burger

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Let’s be honest, everyone loves a good burger.  I’m the same, it’s one of those necessities in life.  So imagine my joy when it turns out that Seattle has so many awesome places where you can grab a great burger.

Blue Moon Burgers is one of those places.  Now Blue Moon has a number of locations, also serving the neighbourhoods of Fremont, Capitol Hill and South Lake Union, but, given that I’m based in West Seattle, it’s the Alki Beach restaurant that I go for.

I always like to have a standard for anything I review and whether it’s a restaurant, bar or beer I’ll have a standard for you.  This means a total of 5 points can be scored, with 1 meaning “don’t even look at the place” and 5 meaning “these guys are wizards at their craft”.  So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

  1. Menu – we’ve all watched kitchen nightmares and the like and know that too big a menu and you suffer on quality of the food and too small and you don’t offer enough choice.  Blue Moon’s menu is extensive, but it delivers on quality as well.  They offer 8 signature burgers, as well as the option to essentially build your own and offer a burger of the month as well, if you want a little variance from your last trip.  For those of you who don’t fancy a burger, well you can grab a sandwich or a salad as well.  There are plenty of sides on offer as well, whether you fancy a variety of different fries, onion rings or tater tots, you’ll get something you want.  You won’t struggle to eat here.  Full point awarded.
  2. Atmosphere – there’s nothing worse than eating somewhere with no atmosphere.  I’m not gonna say Blue Moon Burger falls into that category because it’s really not the case, but I guess that the Alki restaurant’s charm comes from it being on the beach.  This, in all honesty, means you’re going to get a vibrant busy place during the summer and lose a bit of that during the winter.  What I’m trying to say is that, at least to me, it seems like the customers create the atmosphere, rather than the restaurant having any particular character of its own.  Service kind of comes in here as well, since even if a place is quiet, a good server can make your experience better by themselves.  The problem is that since Blue Moon is semi-fast food (as I like to call it) i.e. order at the counter, wait at your table, your interactions with staff are limited.  This doesn’t give them any chance to really make that much of an impact on your experience so, unfortunately, no point can be awarded.
  3. Texture – nothing worse than sticking food in your mouth only to think it feels gross, right?  No problems here for Blue Moon.  The fries are crisp and fluffy inside, pretty much spot on and the burgers hit the spot as well.  You could argue that the burgers might be a little greasy, but I’ll take a little bit of grease over a dry burger any day of the week.  Full point easily scored.
  4. Taste – the one thing that really matters.  The rest is all window dressing really.  If you’ve eaten any quantity of burgers from a variety of places then you’ll know that it isn’t just the patty that makes this.  You’ve got to take into account all that wonderful stuff that goes over the top.  Blue Moon nails this.  The Blue Moon burger sauce is a triumph, tasting just the way I want my sauce to taste.  The accompaniments to the patty are pretty awesome as well, with the pickles crunching just right and making your mouth so happy.  The patties themselves are awesome, the perfect thickness for me and cooked perfectly.  It’s a melt in your mouth combo.  Another easy point for Blue Moon.
  5. Cost – so is all this worth the price?  Yes.  Burgers will set you back between $6 and $10 depending on what you order and it’s definitely worth it compared to the other places around.  Not only that, but on Wednesdays Blue Moon offer half price on all burgers bought with a side or a soda.  That’s even more of a winner and when I’d definitely advise you head on down.  Full point.

So for those of you who’ve been paying attention I guess it’s pretty obvious I enjoy Blue Moon Burgers.  If you’re down Alki way, you’ve got to try them out.  Like I said there’s something for everyone and you’ll definitely leave happy and full.  4/5 ain’t bad, Blue Moon, 4/5 ain’t bad.


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