Having money was nice…

I got my haircut today and it cost me $50.

It’s really nice, but it almost made me physically sick when I paid.

One thing about Scotland that was really quite nice was having money.  The way things are here, this blog might last about a fortnight before I have to sell my laptop to afford food.  Although if I can get in shape quickly enough, I could maybe sell my body before the laptop.  Maybe.

Almost everything is relative in this world.  I have a degree in Business with Financial Management (oh yeah, I have) so I know that as wages increase, prices align themselves accordingly, but come on.  Haircuts at a local barbers for $50?  F**k off!

No matter how this seems, this isn’t a rant, honestly, but there’s no hiding the fact that stuff is expensive here.  Let me give you some perspective.

I pay between four and five times what I pay for my mortgage back home in rent, although I’ll go into that in more detail when I talk about apartment hunting.

If you go out for a beer, you’re paying between $5 and $10 usually.  Ok, so that’s not so bad, I mean it is a city, but that’s before you tip and pretty much ensures you aren’t having too many crazy nights.

Takeaways can vary, but so far I’ve had pizza costing me $25, burritos costing me $20 and a piss-poor Indian that cost me $45.  All pre-tip.

The weirdest thing is that it’s the little things that are so expensive.  My good wife suggested I make a curry for dinner one night, an attempt to make up for the atrocity we’d had previously, so we went to look for some spices.  All of these came in the same size of container as you get back home, however instead of costing a pound or so, turned out to be between $6 and $10.  I might miss home, but there’s no way I’m re-mortgaging my house so I can make a chicken tikka masala.

“Ah!” you might say, “you’re obviously not shopping in the right places.”  No.  I am.  I have a loyalty card and coupons that get me discounts and everything.  Stuff is just expensive.  Even the things you take for granted.

Regular pack of crisps (potato chips)?  $3, please.

Cold ham or chicken for a sandwich?  That’ll be $7, thanks.

Fancy some HPs brown sauce?  We’ve got a special on just now, yours for just one kidney.

Of course I’m exaggerating, but it’s all to make a point.  If you’re going to make a move like this, you need to know what you’re getting into.

You’ve got to shop smart.  Sticking to the one store seems to help with that.  Buying only the necessities, as difficult as that can be, obviously helps as well.  Also, trying to have staples in and buying fresh food if and when you need it works too.

These are all things we know we should do, but a lot of us don’t.  I didn’t, but now that food wastage seems to mean I’ve poured lighter fluid on my wallet and held it over a $78 candle, that’s definitely going to happen.

I promise, my money-based rant, will be over soon, but not before I’ve talked about fees.  The American government loves a fee.  They absolutely love them.  If you’re coming out here, be ready to pay $400 for this and $200 for that and not be entirely sure what you’re paying for.  I know I don’t, but I’m new.  Maybe it just takes time, although I doubt it.

Rant over.

I know these posts are pretty short at the moment, but this is new so I’m testing the waters before coming at you with a full-scale attack.  As always, follow me here and on social media (the links are below) and you’ll get your alert for when my newest stuff is coming as well as seeing the cool stuff I get up to on Instagram and Twitter, if I ever finally get started.

Anyway, I’m off to the mirror to look at my hair and get my money’s worth.

Take it easy…


One thought on “Having money was nice…

  1. Betty Cunningham

    Enjoyed this rant…just as well you’re not working….get out and check out bargain shops!!? Look forward to more adventures x


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