Seattle is…

For obvious reasons, my initial thoughts on Seattle were always going to be one of the first posts on the blog.  Doesn’t change the fact that I’ve been dreading it.

Seattle is an awesome city, but it’s strange.  Now that’s not a slight, I love Seattle, but it’s completely different to what I’ve experienced anywhere before.  I mean, on a weekend I can go to Downtown for a bit of a wander and it’s your standard urban busy city, with the usual traffic, shoppers and the like.  So maybe I spend an hour or two there, then hop on a bus home, head to the farmers’ market for some produce (so American, right?) and there’s a guy playing a banjo with his pal plucking on a string that appears to be tied to a bucket and a stick.  Sorry guys, I don’t care what you tell me.  That’s not an instrument.  It’s just not.  Or maybe I take a tour up to the market in Ballard and there’ll maybe be a random brass trio playing on the corner.  Like I said, it’s strange, but not in a bad way.  The very opposite in fact.

I don’t want to say that in Seattle anything goes, it doesn’t, but to my inexperienced eye, as long as you aren’t being a dick or causing any problems then you’re good to go.  This vibe kind of resonates wherever you are in the city, obviously different neighbourhoods have their own thing going on, but the overall sense is just relaxed and friendly.  You don’t see all that much aggro anywhere (usually it’s from people who aren’t sure if it’s New Year or New York) and everyone is just getting on with what they need to get on with.  Pretty much the way everywhere should work.

Now a quick google check on Seattle online will likely come up with the wonderful phenomenon known only as the Seattle freeze.  Essentially, this is when locals, usually people born and raised in the city, are a bit…frosty towards outsiders, but that’s probably a post in itself so we’ll leave that here for now.  All I can say is that for as long as I’ve been here, people have been friendly, whether in a social situation or whether working in a bar, coffee shop or store, and that I haven’t had any issues really in dealing with people.  In fact, most people have been more than helpful, offering advice on where to go, what to do and how to defend yourself from the inexplicable glare that goes on here.  As it stands, it’s difficult to go into too much detail about the people other than the basics, so I’ll leave this here.  It’s a huge part of moving anywhere, so I’m certain I’ll pick back up on it at a later time.

Now, having grown up in Scotland, I’ve seen my fair share of unbelievable sights, in terms of hills, seas and the like, but Seattle might top this.  How many places in the world can you sit on a beach, look out over the water and see mountains in the background?  Even getting into the city from West Seattle, where I live, is its own sightseeing tour, given that I can look left when crossing the bridge and see downtown (the skyline that seemingly never gets old) AND the mountains behind or look right and see Mount Rainier.  It’s crazy.  You could base an entire geography syllabus off this place.  I’ll get pictures up on Instagram, but I don’t think they’ll do it justice.  It’s honestly off the charts on what is essentially just a part of your daily life.

I said that there would no doubt be a fair bit of me saying “look how awesome this is” in my introductory post and I apologise for essentially going there in my very next post, but it’s difficult not to.  I will definitely move on to more useful posts, for those considering a move to the states or just in general, and more interesting posts, for the rest of you.

In the meantime, please like, share, follow or whatever you have to do on all social media platforms (I’ll stick them below) and, of course, if you want me to focus on any one aspect of Seattle, life in general or what goes into moving abroad, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Until next time, guys, take it easy…


2 thoughts on “Seattle is…

  1. Garry M

    Seattle is an amazing city. My (now ) wife and I spent a fantastic 1 1/2 years here from 2009. As you say, look west and you have the Olympics, south and you have Rainier. We spent quite a bit of time in Fremont and loved how relaxed it is – make sure you go to the mid-summers festival there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Garry, it’s crazy how cool it all is.
      I’ve been told about the mid-summers festival and looks like a definite for me!!!
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.
      Appreciate it, man.
      Take it easy!


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