The beginning of…

Honestly, I don’t know what this is the beginning of – or, to be more specific, and perhaps unnecessarily coy, I don’t know what I want this to be.

I’ll get the basics out the way first.  I’m a guy from Central Scotland who recently moved to Seattle because my wife got a job transfer.  As a result of her job being the reason for the move, I now have to wait three or four months before I can work, leaving a gaping hole in my daily life – one that I hope to fill, at least partially, with this blog.

I guess that’s the point of this.  The tag-line for this blog is Self-indulgent tales of my travels and to an extent that’s going to be true.  There will definitely be an amount of “Yeah, this is awesome” and “Look how cool this is”, but I figured that if that was all I did then I’d essentially be writing a journal for all you guys to see.  And that seems pretty lame.  I don’t even think I could read that and it’s my life.

So here’s what I propose.  I’ll write, you read and if you want something specific focused on then you tell me.  Okay?

While there are areas I definitely want to target, e.g. tips for the international mover, local culture and all that good stuff, I want this to be as open a forum as possible.  You guys are my audience, so if you’re interested in something in particular then let me know.

So for the moment that’s about it.  Hit me up on social media (my handles are at the bottom), get in touch and let me know what you want.

Thanks for coming guys and welcome to the blog.


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